Vaporus, a pioneering manufacturer of electronic liquids, calls for scientific regulation of vaping, challenges federal law

MONTREAL – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – In the spirit of a national and scientific conversation on vaping, Vaporus – a market leader in the manufacture of premium vaping products and a specialty vaping retailer in Quebec – calls on the federal government to regulate the sale of vaping products to eliminate the use of black market products and to ensure that they do not fall into the hands of minors.

“It’s time to have a rational conversation about vaping and industry regulation,” said Alex Beaucage, COO, Vaporus. “Vaping products are intended for adults and have no place in convenience stores. The sale of e-liquids should be limited to specialty stores with trained staff and compliant products to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations. ”

“Globally, there are seven million tobacco-related deaths each year,” said Gerald J. Zagury, professor at Polytechnique Montreal and expert in exposure assessment to harmful chemicals. “Health Canada has recognized that replacing cigarettes entirely with vaping reduces exposure to harmful chemicals. While not without risk, a well-regulated vaping industry is less harmful than smoking. Canadians deserve to know this information.

To that end, the Vaporus Group today announced that it is taking legal action to overturn a federal law banning comparison with combustible tobacco products. The application was filed in the Superior Court of Quebec.

Vaporus believes the ban is preventing the public from understanding the findings of important scientific studies, some cited by Health Canada, which show that quality vaping products are significantly less harmful to people’s health than tobacco products. combustion like cigarettes.

“High-quality vaping products are a proven less harmful alternative to people’s health than cigarettes,” continued Mr. Beaucage. “We believe the public has a right to be informed about the benefits of quality vaping products over traditional tobacco products, as well as the risks. By restricting public access to this information, the government puts people’s health at risk and encourages the sale of combustible tobacco products.

“By banning the posting of very important health-related scientific findings on the subject, the government is infringing on freedom of expression in a way that may harm the health of individuals,” said Frederick Pinto, Managing Partner by Pinto Legal. “We believe that this provision of the law violates the constitutional right to freedom of expression and the right of citizens to security.

This app follows significant media attention on the issue of health and vaping. Vaporus believes that Canadians deserve full and unfettered access to the best and most recent scientific information on the matter in order to have a real discussion on this matter.

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