The relationship between the flavors of e-liquids and smoking cessation

The San Francisco flavor ban has resulted in increased smoking rates.

As flavor bans gain popularity around the world, this study set out to determine the effect of flavorings on smokers. Entitled, “Effects of electronic cigarette e-liquid aroma on the urge to smokeThe researchers randomized participants into two groups, one group using flavored e-cigarettes and the second using unflavored versions, for a week.

Study subjects in the different groups did not report any differences in cravings, experiences of using e-cigarettes, or intentions / motivations for quitting. However, given the short duration of the study, the researchers said more studies need to be done to determine if any differences would appear over longer periods of time and if there would be any effects on smoking cessation.

Banning SF flavors has increased smoking rates

Meanwhile, a study examining the San Francisco flavor ban has reported alarming results. Entitled, “The impact of a comprehensive San Francisco tobacco flavoring ban on young adults”, The present study was carried out with the aim of determining the impact of the ban on smoking behavior. A sample of 247 San Francisco residents was asked about their consumption of e-cigarettes and tobacco, before and after the flavor ban.

The study found that while the ban led to a drop in sales of e-cigarettes and cigars, it unfortunately also led to an increase in the smoking rate. In addition, the researchers found that the measure was not applied correctly and 65% of the participants said that they could get flavored products in more than one way.

“These results suggest that comprehensive local flavor bans, by themselves, cannot significantly reduce the availability or use of flavored tobacco products among residents. Nonetheless, local bans can still significantly reduce overall e-cigarette use and smoking, but can increase smoking, ”the study concluded.

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