Taichung man gets deferred prosecution in e-liquid smuggling case

Taichung, Oct 5 (CNA) Taichung police said on Wednesday they solved a case of smuggling liquid for use in e-cigarettes and prosecution against the mastermind was postponed after the proceeds of his activities illicit has been confiscated.

The man, a 38-year-old Taichung resident identified by his surname Lin (林), had been handed over to Taichung prosecutors after police arrested him on suspicion of violating the law on pharmaceutical affairs, Taichung police said in a statement.

Lin attempted to smuggle e-liquid used in electronic cigarettes from China last year by disguising it as pet shower gel packaged in containers, with the e-liquid being repackaged after its arrived in Taiwan, the statement said.

Lin was found displaying and selling e-liquid vape pens when police conducted online patrols, which led to the discovery of 3,761 vape pens worth around $2. .5 million NT dollars (83,300 USD) after police searched his home and warehouse in October 2021.

According to police, Lin’s e-cig vape pens were available in nearly 100 flavors and contained nicotine, a highly addictive chemical found in tobacco products that are illegal to sell in Taiwan without permission. the country’s drug and controlled substance regulatory agency.

Those caught selling, supplying or displaying e-cigs could face a sentence of up to 7 years and a possible fine of less than NT$50 million based on the pharmaceutical business law.

Aron M. Newman