Payroll Loan: How Long Does It Take To Fall Into Account?

Want to invest in you? Take courses to grow your career, invest in a new business, maybe a small franchise, travel money or simply pay an open bill?

Payroll Loan

Payroll Loan

Today, making a payroll loan is no longer a seven-headed animal.

The whole process is fast and safe and can be done 100% online. You fill in an application and you have started the loan operation.

But still some doubts persist? We answer some of the main payroll loan questions below:

1) What is the term for the loan amount to be deposited?

If you do not have time to waste you can rest easy. After review and approval of the documents it only takes 48 hours for the payroll loan money to be taken into account. The process of document review and approval is required by security measures that protect both the borrower and the creditors of the debt. And it’s not worth worrying about, everything is done online, decisions are fast and operation is dynamic.

2) Why make a payroll loan?

A loan is nothing more than a credit operation. If you are in need of money for whatever reason, it is worth taking a loan and solving your difficulties or taking advantage of possible opportunities. The important thing is not to fall into snares. To do this, understand the whole process very well and make sure you can pay that installment a month. It will be debited straight from your payroll as comfortably as possible, so all you have to do is make the right decision about the amount you will lend.

3) How much of my salary can be used for the loan?

The maximum amount is 30% of your total salary per month, meaning a significant amount that allows you to withdraw an interesting amount. Just do the math and be aware of the payment term because it will all depend on the total amount of the loaned amount. The only problems that can arise from a credit-taking operation, such as a payroll loan, are due precisely to the lack of clarity regarding all stages of the process.

This is why online lending is efficient. No one will push you anything down your throat. You read everything you need, understand what you are doing and how you are doing it. Decision making is totally in your time.

4) Interest rate

4) Interest rate

With the reduction in the SELIC rate, interest rates on payroll-deductible loans in the personal credit modality also decreased significantly. The interest rate values ​​for each type of loan (personal credit, vehicle finance, mortgage and revolving credit) follow rules and there is a minimum and a maximum that can be charged. For more information about the payroll loan interest rate, please visit the website.