NY vape stores are getting rid of their e-liquid stocks


ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – The ban on flavored e-liquids is in effect, but it gives vape shops until October 4 to empty their inventory.

On September 17, New York was the first state in the country to ban flavored electronic cigarettes.

“Flavors are bringing these kids to the market, so we had to fix that,” said Howard Zucker, commissioner of the NYS Department of Health.

The new rule includes a fine of up to $ 2,000 per violation for stores that sell the products. But retailers are still advertising for the sale and at a discounted rate.

NEWS10 ABC asked the Department of Health if this was legal or a violation of the law. We didn’t get a direct answer to the legality question, but they gave us the following statement:

“Regulations banning the sale of flavored electronic cigarettes, other than menthol and tobacco flavors, came into effect on September 17. However, the Department of Health is giving retailers a grace period of around two weeks before making visits to enforce the flavor ban. from Friday October 4.

The current ban does not include the minty flavor, but Commissioner Zucker is expected to provide the governor with a recommendation on this soon.

Aron M. Newman

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