Tampa, FLA, September 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Nicopure Labs has announced that the FDA has accepted its first round of tobacco pre-market applications for substantive scientific review. Only 3 days after submission, Nicopure Labs’ Tobacco Pre-Market Request (PMTA) for Halo Tribeca Tobacco e-liquid, Halo SubZero Menthol e-liquid and Halo Fusion e-liquid was accepted. for further scientific review by the FDA. This pushes Nicopure Labs into the next step of the PMTA review process. Halo’s 10 year history as a premier brand, specializing in tobacco flavored e-liquids, has positioned the brand well for what is likely to come for the vaping industry. With California and New York becoming tobacco flavor-only markets, more states are expected to follow suit and Halo will be well prepared with their award-winning tobacco flavors. “I am extremely proud of all the hard work and dedication of the Nicopure team that was highlighted in our first round of applications. Over the next few days, we will be filing additional claims and are very optimistic about the future of Halo, ”said Jeffrey Stamler, CEO of Nicopure Labs. “Halo e-liquid flavors have been chosen by millions of vapers around the world as the tobacco and menthol e-liquids that vapers prefer.” Once the filing is accepted, the final phase of the PMTA review process will be the FDA’s full assessment of the scientific data provided in the tobacco pre-market application. Once all of the information has been fully assessed and inspected, the FDA will make its final approval decision. About Nicopure Labs In business since 2009, Tampa-based Nicopure Labs is a leading e-liquid manufacturer in the industry with operations in the United States and Europe. The 110,000 square feet of Nicopure Labs. Feet manufacturing and distribution facility, in Gainesville, Florida, comprises an area of ​​10,000 square feet. customized ISO 7 cleanroom. As the manufacturer of Halo – the # 1 tobacco and menthol e-liquid brand in the world, Nicopure distributes to over 110 countries around the world and continues to expand its presence globally.

Aron M. Newman

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