Individual Microenterprise Credit

By formalizing themselves as MEI (individual microentrepreneur), new entrepreneurs find some facilities in the market to get credit. Government-approved laws encourage financial institutions to offer category-specific lines of credit. You can have great returns with as a business.

The three main credit lines for MEI in Brazil are offered by public banks, namely: Caixa Econômica Federal, Banco do Brasil and BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development). But first it is necessary to open a bank account as a legal entity.

Conditions for MEIs to get credit


Although easier, not always getting credit for your small business is a simple task. As with other companies, banks do a thorough analysis of their business conditions before approving or disallowing credit.

Credit is usually only released to companies that are safer, that is, that demonstrate a structured business plan for the institution to evaluate and understand that the entrepreneur has full conditions to repay the debt within the established period.

It is important to stress that the money obtained from banks should be invested in your business. By opting for any line of credit, you will be getting a loan, meaning you get a debt that you have to pay off so as not to damage your business and your personal life.

Get a sense of the credit worthiness you need and calculate the average return on the loan your business will have. Collect all required documents, including cash flow spreadsheets.

As microentrepreneurs have a bank turnover that is considered low for banks, it should be noted that their business is profitable and especially that it can become more profitable after applying credit as an investment. Like MEI, you need to demonstrate to financial institutions that you can make your business a big business. Remember that banks are after profit and only release credit if they think they are doing a good business.

MEI’s tax obligations

Once formalized as MEI (Individual Microentrepreneur), whose registration is free, the entrepreneur will pay monthly the contribution to the INSS in the order of R $ 47.70 plus the addition of R $ 5.00 for providers service or 1 real for commerce or industry. Payment occurs through the DAS (Simplified Collection Document), generated through the Federal Government Entrepreneur Portal through the Citizen’s Carnival sent by the Post Office. We emphasize that these values ​​are positioned for the year 2018.

In addition to the monthly payments mentioned above, the MEI should also contribute to Social Security, in the amount of 5% of the current minimum wage, plus R $ 1.00 of ICMS to the State (industry, interstate transportation or trade). and / or R $ 5,00 for the municipality, as Services Tax. Such taxes are due every 20th day and are collected on DAS day.