How to make your own e-liquid

Have you thought about making your own e-liquid? Well, congratulations on this daring step. Homemade e-liquid gives you more customization and flexibility in terms of the flavors and ingredients you like. Besides being a creative plan, it’s also a cost-effective solution when done right. Here’s everything you need to understand when making your own e-liquid.

Everything you need to DIY your e-liquid

. High Quality Thinners: You can use various thinners when making e-liquids, such as PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin). While each performs different functions, you need to find your most favorable option based on steam, thickness, and smoothness.

. E-liquid flavors: This is an optional ingredient and depends on your preferences. If you don’t want to taste anything, you can skip the aromas. If you choose to use flavors, you should find favorable e-liquid flavors.

. Nicotine: How much nicotine do you want in your e-liquid? Make sure to customize the amount to suit your nicotine strength.

. Accessories: Other accessories you need for production include empty bottles, syringes, scales, gloves, tissues and measuring tubes. The capacity depends on how you are going to mix the e-liquids.

. E-liquid calculators: You need to check the exact ratio of ingredients. These calculators will help you determine the correct proportions.

Step by step guide to making quality e-liquids

Homemade e-liquids are as good as retail products. You just need to follow the correct procedure when manufacturing. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Get all your equipment for the production and configuration lab
  2. Gather all your ingredients and double check them
  3. Measure them well according to the amount of e-liquids you plan to make
  4. Mix and make a basic mixture that will serve as the basis for your production of e-liquid
  5. Add your flavors according to your preferred quantities and types
  6. Add your nicotine based on your nicotine strength and vaping experience
  7. Mix all your ingredients and safely bottle it after a good shake
  8. Brew the juice for about four to five days and let it ripen
  9. After five days of waiting, your e-liquid is ready to use; Enjoy it.

Ingredients to avoid when making your e-liquid at home

DIY projects are meant to be personalized, fun, and informative. As you determine your ingredients, there are some that you should avoid as they can affect the quality of your result. Here are some things to avoid.

. Excess Nicotine: When making your e-liquid at home, you need to consider your preferred nicotine levels. Most people go for ultra-high nicotine levels, which can affect your intake. You will find yourself vaping more than you should.

. Water or Vodka: Do not add water or vodka to your equation as this unevenly dilutes your product. Instead of water, go for aqueous glycerin (AG).

. Unwanted aromas: What is your favorite flavor? Since this is your product, you should use the flavor you want. You only have to confirm if it is made explicitly for e-cigarettes.

. Essential oils: There is no debate on this. You should never use oils in the production of e-liquids. They do not have gasoline in the production of e-liquid.

Tips for making a quality e-liquid

DIY e-liquid doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Here are some quick tips on home production.

. Take advantage of online resources and learn as much as possible about DIY e-liquid production

. Use smaller amounts of flavoring and nicotine

. Test one flavor at a time to identify the best

. Find a brand for all ingredients

. Be sure to label all of your mixes before soaking

. Make it as easy as possible and have fun with the procedure


Making DIY e-liquids can be fun and exciting. When done correctly, it is as effective and satisfying as vape juice in retail stores. By following this step-by-step guide, we hope you have understood a few things that influence the quality of your homemade e-liquid.

Aron M. Newman