How to apply for an online credit card

We are experiencing a revolution in the way people find out about a particular product and also in how payment is made. The internet and the credit card are two key characters for this revolution.

The practicality that credit card has brought to our lives has been greatly appreciated, as modern man and credit card are always together – except when one forgets the other.

The point is that you don’t have to take long lines inside financial institutions, waste time or spend fuel to fetch your little friend. Have you ever imagined getting one without leaving home? Thanks to the internet and shipping companies today is possible.

Follow me, I will teach you how to find your ideal card.

Learn how to find the right card for your profile

credit cards

The market has a huge variety of credit cards, from paid to free.

Not everyone has the same flags: flags are the financial institutions that take care of your card. But, there are only 2 popular flags on the market – you may have heard of them – VISA and Mastercard.

To choose your ideal card, you need to go beyond analyzing flags, limits and annuities.

You need to know your profile: how often you use the card; find out about the fees charged; Can you pay the bill on time or are you fumbling? .

It is also interesting to have an emergency reserve, in case of some unforeseen events you do not let the invoice be delayed and complicated in the future.

Use a credit card comparator to analyze all this information and choose the perfect card for you.

Fill out the form and apply for your card

To apply for your internet card you will in all cases have to fill out a form with your real personal data. The card issuer needs to check that your information matches a real profile and not a fraud before sending you the card.

Keep this data at hand:

  • CPF;
  • RG;
  • Proof of income and residence;
  • Full address;
  • Contact Number (Mobile or Landline);
  • Email;

Await approval of your card

Was the form answered correctly and has the request proposal already been made? Very good! Now just wait for the Issuer to return, it takes about 2 weeks, once your proposal is approved, the card will be automatically sent to your residence.

Very practical to get a card today right? It may happen that your card limit is much lower than desired, but don’t worry this is normal, most institutions will release a low limit in the first few months, but you can contact the issuer and ask them to reset the limit. .

Online credit cards usually have fees and annuities, in some cases even nil, much cheaper than those of major financials.

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