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Is it safe to buy e-liquid online

Is safety imperative to consider when buying E-liquid UK or E-juice online? Some vape juice products are harmful to health. You must consider the ingredients of the vape juice before purchasing it; especially pay attention to the extra flavors in the e vape and the safety that comes into play. Always be sure to visit […]

Contaminants in vape juice and why the q...

Not all vape juice manufacturers adhere to the same manufacturing standards. The cleanliness of their manufacturing facilities, the ingredients they use, and the quality control procedures they have in place all play a vital role in determining the quality of their e-juice. So what happens when a vape company does a bad job of making […]

EAS, an e-liquid manufacturer enters int...

GREENVILE, North Carolina –E-liquid maker Purilum LLC has entered into an exclusive supply agreement with E-Alternative Solutions (EAS), maker of Leap vapor products. The long-term contract expands the relationship between Purilum and EAS and provides the ability to renew the agreement on an ongoing basis. “We look forward to working with EAS while leveraging our […]